August 14, 2010


I am not too good at posting on my blog anymore. Seems most of what goes on in my life is talked about on my other blog. I thought I would give an update though because I don't think I have mentioned anything about my experiences since beginning my rotations here in New Jersey. I am currently at St. Joseph's Regional Medical Center in Paterson. I started first in Psychiatry for 6 weeks. It was an easy going schedule which was good for me because Kuulei, Alette and I had just moved into the area and it was nice to have some extra time to get settled in running all the errands we had to get done. I don't know if I learned a whole lot of new things doing psychiatry but it was a good chance for me to review and really get familiar with the disorders and drugs used. Our attending physician was nice but if you got on her bad side look out! The past 5 weeks I have been in the family medicine clinic down the road from the hospital. I have learned how to give shots, suture, and all sorts of fun stuff. I got to watch a lipoma get cut out from behind a patient's ear just yesterday! Pretty cool stuff, I easily could have stitched him up after as well. It has been tough being asked questions by attending physicians and not knowing the answer half the time but it is good motivation to keep studying because there is never a point where you know everything there is to know. Up next is a 2 week vacation in Utah, then 3 months of internal medicine. I am excited for a change and hope that I learn a ton of stuff and get better at being a doctor. Well, that is all for now!

June 13, 2010

My NYC Subway Experience

Yesterday Kuulei and I made a trip uptown on the subway. You may view a video that describes the experience perfectly here. It was not as bad as I thought. Once you know which train goes where and if you are going uptown or downtown it is pretty self explanatory from there. We met up with our friends the Weirs on later on with the Hatlers. We walked around a bit and I found that uptown isn't nearly as mad as downtown. It was actually pretty nice uptown. Anyway, certainly an experience. I am glad that I could have it.

April 10, 2010

Miss America

Here she is..Miss America! Alette showed up a bit early and now we have her home. She is a pretty little thing with blonde hair and her daddy's nose. I got to watch her come into the world which was a special experience for me. I thought it would be gross but it was really interesting. I am so amazed at how a little clump of cells can develop into something so lovely and so complex. She is a pretty good girl most of the time unless you mess with her or she messes herself! I don't think I know what I am doing but I love her an awful lot so I think that will help me figure out how to be a good dad. Welcome here with us Alette, I love you!

April 04, 2010

A Special Day

My family has a tradition. Twice a year our church holds a general conference which is broadcast across the whole world via satellite, radio, internet, and local television. On the first Saturday night of April and October my brothers, dad, and I all go out to dinner then attend the priesthood conference at 6 pm. I have been away in Grenada studying at school for the past 2 years so I had not been able to attend with my brothers and dad since October 2007. Needless to say, I have been looking forward to going this year. We went to Outback Steakhouse and I ordered the Victorian Filet with horseraddish crust. Yum. We talked about computers, my grandpa told us about the book he is writing on how to play bridge, we talked about know guy stuff. We then went to conference and received instruction and inspiration. I think we all left feeling like better men. It was worth waiting 2.5 years to enjoy this tradition again with my family. I will miss the next year and a half or so now, but at least I know there is something special waiting for me on the other side of that tunnel. I think that family is one of the most important things life has to offer.

March 18, 2010

Time is Up

Well that was a fast 3 months! I take the USMLE step 1 next Thursday. I am somewhat nervous but at the same time I feel like everything will be alright. I certainly have done my very best to prepare. I did all that I could think of so that has to count for something. On a happier note, Alette is on her way. That clock has also ticked down pretty quickly and I am excited for her to come and have some fun with us. Being a dad and a doctor is a scary thing sometimes but I look back at it all since the first day I started in January of 2005 and I have not regretted a single thing. I am glad I am doing what I am doing even if it is scary and difficult. If everything in life was easy I probably wouldn't have learned all that I have. I look forward to the next challenge in life, probably figuring out how to move everything to New Jersey! hahaha.

December 15, 2009

Our Angel

Here is Alette! We found out we are having a little girl yesterday and we are very excited. We did the thorough ultrasound making sure she had 4 limbs, a good heart, kidneys and all that fun stuff. Alette is growing perfectly and I was very impressed at just how perfectly things were developing. She had a nice straight spine without any of those crazy neural tube defects and long legs. She had all her fingers and toes that we could tell and all of her organs were formed where they should be. Her heart is the heart of an ox and I got to hear her heart beat. I had a big fat smile on my face the whole time. I looked at her profile in this picture and I think she kinda looks a bit like me, what do you think?

December 13, 2009

Finish Line

As you can see my "Days Left in Grenada" countdown has reached zero! I am now a 3rd year medical student. I had a funny time getting out of Grenada. The website for American Airlines said you get two bags 50 lbs each and your carry-on is 40 lbs. Well when we get to the check-in counter a lady yells out by the way you only get 70 lbs. Everyone in line panics. Lucky for me I had the philosophy of packing light and staying light during my stay in Grenada. I was 8 lbs. over weight so I just took some books out of my duffle bag and put them in my carry-on. Other students weren't quite as lucky, a lot of them threw stuff away. Once I got out of Grenada though things were smooth sailing from there. I also got to sit first class on my flight from Dallas to Salt Lake City so I arrived in Utah in style. The chairs are much more comfortable up there and they fed me well even if it wasn't the best food ever. I got home and saw my lovely wife again. It felt good to give her a big hug and a kiss and feel all the anxiety of being apart melt away. I also got to feel our baby kick! It has been good to be home. I am now left to reflect back on my time in Grenada. I did really well in school this last term and overall I feel I have learned a lot and I am that much closer to being a great doctor. Living in Grenada was difficult, it is a developing country and they don't have a lot of the conveniences we enjoy here. I think that helped me remember how lucky I am to be in a great place. It humbled me. I met a lot of great friends there that were always so helpful to me and Kuulei. I will always be grateful to them. I got a ride to church and to the store which made a world of difference to me. I became good friends with a lot of my classmates and I will miss them now that we must spend the next two years apart. I will probably see them at graduation but other than that I will probably only hear from them every so often. It is hard to believe I don't have to go back now but it is very satisfying. I was a lazy student before I wanted to go to medical school and my grades and test scores weren't good enough to get into any medical school. Yet, miraculously a school did give me a chance and I have been doing better and better as time goes on. It is been a long, difficult road so far. I knew it would be, but I am really grateful that I have been doing so well and things have been working out. I have so much to look forward to. I am glad the first two years of medical school are done and I am now state-side, but I will always look back at them with fondness. I can't describe the enormous feeling of satisfaction and gratitude I have.